Arduino Programming Course for Beginners

The online course for highly-creative self-learner enthusiasts who love putting their ideas into reality

Now, I’ll show YOU exactly how to write code for Arduino -- from START to FINISH, and teach you the little known strategies I personally use to create and design programs for Arduino.


So, you want to learn the Arduino programming language?

If that’s true, then you’ve probably spent countless hours searching the internet for answers, copying and pasting code to the point that you got frustrated, and for the most part, you haven’t made as much progress as you'd like to.

Sometimes you aren't even sure how to ask the right question. Maybe you have a vision and know what you want to accomplish but you just can't find the foundation or the framework to build your ideas on it.

I know this because once I was exactly where you are right now (just like most of my students) - alone, with all the questions in the world and none of the answers, realizing that learning Arduino programming alone at home is a very frustrating experience.

...but it shouldn’t be.

Because when you do it the right way, learning Arduino is EXCITING and FUN
(honestly, the real enjoyment comes afterward when you gain confidence and discover the potential to bring your ideas into the real world -- where you can actually see, touch, and feel what you’ve created).

That’s why I created this course in the first place - a super-easy platform that makes it possible to learn Arduino coding at home in a more friendly way.

This system is designed to show you the EXACT steps of writing Arduino code without ever feeling lost and wondering how true professionals really do it. In case you haven’t struggled like us, and are completely new to the Arduino world, then

I’d say you’re very lucky -- not everyone gets the opportunity to find all the answers in one place… I didn’t.

In this online course, I included every material I wish I had several years ago -- when I was figuring things out on my own.

You’ll learn how to ASK the right questions and FIND the simplest solutions that start from the absolute basics and goes beyond.


Arduino Programming Course for Beginners

My proven, step-by-step system for writing Arduino code that turns your creativity into the real-world experience

They say learning Arduino programming alone at home is a very frustrating experience. But here’s what we say: the best way to cross a frozen lake is in someone else’s footsteps.
For years, my students have been asking me for an Arduino programming online course. Now, after years of development and testing, I’m finally ready to offer it to you.

Take a look inside the Arduino Programming Course...

The best way to learn Arduino is by practice - that’s what we focus on. Forget all the boring parts and start learning the Arduino language by practice.

In this course, written by a combination of a beginner and a master in Arduino and programming, you’ll be able to program and understand Arduino on your own, learn how to read sensors and control all the types of peripherals.

To make the learning experience as easy as it can be, I’ve created a simulator that creates a friendly and fun atmosphere. Without any prior knowledge or understanding of Arduino and coding, you’ll start from ground-up and focus on programming and coding, while getting instant feedback on your code and progress.

You don’t need to buy actual Arduino boards and any other accessories, you just need to grab your laptop with a good internet connection and start creating basic Arduino programs, gain confidence in your abilities and finally get super-comfortable in writing Arduino code.

The sole aim of this online course is to enable you to bring your thoughts into the physical world, turn on your creativity and enjoy the process - as well as results - that will be seen by millions of people worldwide.

Arduino Programming Course contains ALL of the following:

  • Getting to know the Arduino board and the different types of pins and connections;
  • Digital inputs and outputs;
  • Program structure, setup(), loop() and comments;
  • LEDs and how to connect them;
  • Your first program: blinking an LED;
  • Exercise: Arduino controlled traffic-light;
  • Variables and data types;
  • Challenge: blinking an LED for a set number of times;
  • Solution for the challenge;
  • For loops: how to write less code;
  • The Serial monitor and printing debug messages;
  • Getting inputs from buttons;
  • Conditionals and the IF statement;
  • Functions: writing reusable code.

What you’ll find inside the Arduino Programming Course:

You Set The Rules, Transform the Game, Choose Your Own Style!

Being an open-source hardware and software platform for prototyping hardware solutions, Arduino gives YOU the power to innovate.

This course will show you all you need to know to make your biggest growth spurt get going with Arduino and build innovative Arduino hardware solutions.

With several million users and counting, Arduino gives anyone the power to innovate - from designing a connected object for their own home to launching a prototype of a product for their own business.

This course is ideal for beginners, as you start from the very basics and build up to mastery of the Arduino programming language - where you’ll be able to launch a prototype of a product for your business.

Want to get creative?

Through this proven, step-by-step guide, you’ll know everything on how to write code and master creating and designing programs for Arduino that will expand your knowledge of electronics.

Here you’ll find simpler, clearer and straightforward explanations of technical topics and a structured path to learning best practices for writing good Arduino code that helps you build out-of-this-world projects faster and more efficiently.

Be one of the few who learn the right way. Don’t wait up, sign up below and join us today