#include <Adafruit_NeoPixel.h>
#include <neoPixel.h>

neoPixel        thePixel(1, 2);             // We got one pixel on pin 2.
colorMultiMap   ourColors;                  // Create our empty color map.
mapper          percentMap(0,1023,0,100);   // Create our analog to percent mapper.

void setup() {

  thePixel.begin();                 // Fire up the adafruit stuff.

  ourColors.addColor(0,&green);     // Adding colors(%,color);


void loop(){

  int       rawValue;
  float     percent;
  colorObj  aColor;

  rawValue  = analogRead(A0);             // Read the analog value.
  percent   = percentMap.map(rawValue);   // Convert this value into a percent.
  aColor    = ourColors.map(percent);     // Map this percent to a color.
  thePixel.setPixelColor(0,&aColor);      // Set the pixel to that color.
  thePixel.show();                        // Show our results.