# Wokwi Logic Gates Showcase

## How to use?

- Connect the symbols as you like by clicking on their pins to draw wires
- To add new symbols, simply select an existing symbol and press "D" to make a copy.
- Start the simulation (by pressing the green Play button) to interact with the diagram

## Useful parts

Use the purple "+" button to add new parts. Some of the useful parts include:
- LED - you can change the color by editing diagram.json
- LED Bar Graph
- Seven Segment - common anode by default
- Resistor - Can be used for pulling up/down a pin
- Slide switch - bouncing simulation is enabled by default!
- Pushbutton - you'd probably want to include a pull-up/down resistor too
- Rotary Dialer - just because it's fun. Can be used as a very slow clock generator

## Available Gates

- Constants: VCC/GND
- Additional: BUFFER/2-to-1 MUX
- D-Type Flip Flop