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In the world of digital circuits, these changes will correspond to either a rising edge (i.e. signal going from low to high) or a falling edge (i.e. signal going from high to low). Detecting rising and falling edges is extremely important for digital circuits. For example, *did a user just press a button*? *Did they just release a button*?

check out the rising edge detect circuit below. **Can you figure out how to build the falling edge detect circuit to light the blue LED?**

HINT: you might need to add a gate

| D       | Q       | Output |
| 0       | 0       | 0      |
| 0       | 1       | 0      |
| 1       | 0       | 1      |
| 1       | 1       | 0      |

You can also check out the [**solution**](https://wokwi.com/projects/344328880453059156).
Button Press Indicator
Rising Edge Detect
Falling Edge Detect
Current signal value (D)
Past signal value (Q)
Past signal value (inverted) (!Q)