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A safe with precious semiconductor technology has been locked using logic gates. Can you figure out the code to unlock the safe?

* The push button is used to enter your code.
* Switch 2 is used to reset the safe. 
* Switches 3 to 5 are used to set your guess.

### To begin

Press the green button in the top left of the simulation pane, then click to turn on Switch 2, and press the push button. The red LED labeled "Locked" should turn on and the seven segment display should show "L" (for locked).

Next turn off Switch 2 and begin testing codes. Set a code using Switches 3 to 5. 

If you enter a correct code, you will see cyan LED labeled "Unlocked!" turn on. Congratulations! The seven segment display should also show "U" (for unlocked).

Need the solution?

| SW3     | SW4    | SW5    |
| 0       | 1      | 1      |
State 0
State 1
Next State Logic
7-Segment Logic

ERC Warnings

flipflop1:CLK: Clock driven by combinatorial logic
flipflop2:CLK: Clock driven by combinatorial logic