#include <slowServo.h>
#include <mapper.h>

// THIS CODE RELIES ON THE LC_baseTools & LC_slowServo libraries
// those can be installed using the Arduino library manager.

slowServo aServo(2);                        // Create a slow servo given a pin number.
mapper    potToDelayMapper(0,1023,0,100);   // Set up a mapper from a POT to 0..100 Ms delay.
mapper    potToAngleMapper(0,1023,0,180);   // Set up a mapper from a POT to span 180 deg.

void setup() {
  aServo.begin();       // You need to call begin for each servo.
  pinMode(3,OUTPUT);    // We need an LED to blink. Doesn't everyone?

void loop() {
  idle();                                                     // idle(); Runs everything.
  aServo.setMsPerDeg(potToDelayMapper.map(analogRead(A0)));   // Read position POT, scale, set the sevo.
  aServo.setDeg(potToAngleMapper.map(analogRead(A1)));        // Read delay POT, scale, set the sevo.
  digitalWrite(3,aServo.moving());                            // Yeah, we know when it's running. Kinda'..
An example of the slowServo class.