#include <blinker.h>
#include <serialStr.h>

#define PERIOD_MS 1000

blinker     aBLinker;   // Auto-blinker. We'll play with it's % time on function.            
serialStr   comReader;  // Reader of serial port and provider of complete c strings from it.

void setup() {

   Serial.begin(9600);                                    // Make serial port active.
   Serial.println("Type number for new Pulse width %");   // Wake up user.
   aBLinker.setPeriod(PERIOD_MS);                         // Set up blinking LED.
   aBLinker.setPercent(50);                               // 50% on, 50% off as default.
   aBLinker.setOnOff(true);                               // Make it go.
   comReader.setCallback(gotCom);                         // When we read a string, call this function.

// A string cme in from the Serial port. Dela with it here.
void gotCom(char* inStr) {

   float percent;

   percent = atof(inStr);                   // Convert the string to a float.
   Serial.print("Setting percent to : ");   // Tell user.
   Serial.println(percent,2);               //
   aBLinker.setPercent(percent);            // Set the % LED on-time.

// Loop, you do what you want in here. Keep the idle() call first.
// Don't use delay(). But you can use sleep(). Works the same. As
// far as you know.
void loop() { idle(); }