//! Blinks an LED
//! This assumes that a LED is connected to the pin assigned to `led`. (GPIO4)


use esp_backtrace as _;
use esp_println::println;
use esp_hal::{clock::ClockControl, gpio::IO, peripherals::Peripherals, prelude::*, Delay};

fn main() -> ! {
    let peripherals = Peripherals::take();
    let system = peripherals.SYSTEM.split();
    let clocks = ClockControl::boot_defaults(system.clock_control).freeze();

    // Set GPIO4 as an output, and set its state high initially.
    let io = IO::new(peripherals.GPIO, peripherals.IO_MUX);
    let mut led = io.pins.gpio4.into_push_pull_output();


    // Initialize the Delay peripheral, and use it to toggle the LED state in a
    // loop.
    let mut delay = Delay::new(&clocks);
    println!("Hello world!");
    loop {