const int pinBuz = 3; //Buzzer Pin
    const int pinSwi = 2; // Push-button pin
    void setup() {
        Serial.begin(9600); // Opens Serial communication
        pinMode(pinBuz,OUTPUT); //Defines pinBuz as an Output
        pinMode(pinSwi,INPUT); // Defines pinSwi as an input
    void loop () {
      int botao; // To save the last logic state of the button
      botao = digitalRead(pinSwi); //Put the reading value of the switch on botao
      Serial.println(botao); //Shows the logic state of the input on Serial Monitor
      if (botao == 1) // Pressed button, logic State HIGH (5V)
      digitalWrite(pinBuz,1); //Switch pressed, buzzer on
      digitalWrite(pinBuz,0); //If the switch isn’t pressed, buzzer off.
      delay(10); //reading delay