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use embassy_executor::Spawner;
use embassy_sync::{blocking_mutex::raw::CriticalSectionRawMutex, pipe::Pipe};
use esp32c3_hal::{
    peripherals::{Peripherals, UART0},
    uart::{config::AtCmdConfig, UartRx, UartTx},
use esp_backtrace as _;

// Read Buffer Size
const READ_BUF_SIZE: usize = 64;

// End of Transmission Character (Carrige Return -> 13 or 0x0D in ASCII)
const AT_CMD: u8 = 0x0D;

// Declare Pipe sync primitive to share data among Tx and Rx tasks
static DATAPIPE: Pipe<CriticalSectionRawMutex, READ_BUF_SIZE> = Pipe::new();

async fn uart_writer(mut tx: UartTx<'static, UART0>) {
    // Declare write buffer to store Tx characters
    let mut wbuf: [u8; READ_BUF_SIZE] = [0u8; READ_BUF_SIZE];
    loop {
        // Read characters from pipe into write buffer
        DATAPIPE.read(&mut wbuf).await;
        // Transmit/echo buffer contents over UART
        embedded_io_async::Write::write(&mut tx, &wbuf)
        // Transmit a new line
        embedded_io_async::Write::write(&mut tx, &[0x0D, 0x0A])
        // Flush transmit buffer
        embedded_io_async::Write::flush(&mut tx).await.unwrap();

async fn uart_reader(mut rx: UartRx<'static, UART0>) {
    // Declare read buffer to store Rx characters
    let mut rbuf: [u8; READ_BUF_SIZE] = [0u8; READ_BUF_SIZE];
    loop {
        // Read characters from UART into read buffer until EOT
        let r = embedded_io_async::Read::read(&mut rx, &mut rbuf[0..]).await;
        match r {
            Ok(len) => {
                // If read succeeds then write recieved characters to pipe
            Err(e) => esp_println::println!("RX Error: {:?}", e),

async fn main(spawner: Spawner) {
    let peripherals = Peripherals::take();
    let system = peripherals.SYSTEM.split();
    let clocks = ClockControl::boot_defaults(system.clock_control).freeze();

    // Initialize Embassy with needed timers
    let timer_group0 = esp32c3_hal::timer::TimerGroup::new(peripherals.TIMG0, &clocks);
    embassy::init(&clocks, timer_group0.timer0);

    // Initialize and configure UART0
    let mut uart0 = Uart::new(peripherals.UART0, &clocks);
    uart0.set_at_cmd(AtCmdConfig::new(None, None, None, AT_CMD, None));
        .set_rx_fifo_full_threshold(READ_BUF_SIZE as u16)
    // Split UART0 to create seperate Tx and Rx handles
    let (tx, rx) = uart0.split();

    // Spawn Tx and Rx tasks